Elevate your telecom capabilities to new heights with the opportunity to acquire the Intellectual Property (IP) rights to Enhance Systems' battle-tested iTMS Business Support System (BSS) for Fiber, Internet, and Mobile service providers. This game-changing BSS, renowned for optimizing operations and elevating customer experiences, is now open for ownership.

As Enhance Systems pioneers emerging technologies and innovation, this strategic move offers industry players the chance to harness the power of a system that has consistently delivered excellence for service providers and operators.

The iTMS platform — A unique modular software solution for the telecom market that is built on more than 20 years of experience in the industry, from working with operators, fiber operators, and service providers. iTMS supports Fiber/Broadband, Mobile telephony including 5G – Prepaid and Postpaid for MNO, MVNO & MVNE, Internet, TV & Content, Fixed-line telephony, VOIP & Wholesale billing.

Steen Engholm, Head of Enhance Systems Advisory Board, enthused, "Don't miss the opportunity to lead the telecom industry's evolution. Acquiring the IP rights in a purely technical capacity not only aligns with our vision of collaboration but also empowers you to build upon a proven technological masterpiece."

Prospective buyers will tap into years of research, development, and industry expertise that have set performance and efficiency benchmarks.

Amidst the rapid transformation fuelled by new technologies, Enhance Systems' decision to offer its IP rights is a beacon of commitment to industry progress.

For inquiries and information about acquiring IP rights to the comprehensive iTMS Business Support System, please contact Steen Engholm at Ste@enhance-systems.com or visit www.enhance-systems.com