iTMS & MobilePay

APRIL 24, 2020

Enhance System’s business support system iTMS is fully integrated with and supports MobilePay Subscription, where your customers can easily pay their recurring subscription invoices after a single approval swipe in the MobilePay app. This means that the payments for your customer invoices will automatically be submitted and processed, when you have the MobilePay Subscription solution activated through us.

Before you can send invoices to your customers through MobilePay, you must register as a business customer on the MobilePay portal.

Once you are registered and have an approved MobilePay agreement, it is easy to get the solution activated in iTMS.

During the setup process, we will guide you through the consent process and provide you with the information you need.

Whether you are a new or existing iTMS client, or if you use an Enhance Systems developed website or your own, it is a simple process to get up and running as all communication is directed via our secured servers to MobilePay.

Contact us now to find out how you can get MobilePay Subscription integrated to your iTMS solution.