Our iTMS Full MVNO goes beyond the industry standard.

We got an inquiry from a customer that was looking for a Full MVNO BSS/OSS/Network element platform to improve their margin. However, the normal price tag for this solution made it impossible to justify this choice for them as a Greenfield operation.  We then suggested our fully virtual and cloud-based MVNO solution based on proven network elements, which ended up having improved their margin and kept their agility in the dynamic mobile market. The solution was built to support from 1000 end-users to millions of end-users with an architecture that builds on the scale-out principle.

With the iTMS Full MVNO solution, you will get a cloud-based MVNO platform, which includes the network elements and is NOC ready to operate multi branding MVNEs and MVNOs with the possibility for multi MNO integrations. This platform gives our customers unmatched flexibility at with an extremely competitive price tag compared with industry standards. This solution offers the iTMS BSS/OSS, plus the network elements seamlessly integrated with the network elements necessary to deliver a full MVNE/O.

On top of that iTMS Full MVNO comes with all the functionality you will need for a Full MVNO solution including hundreds of best practice business flows that have automated most of the business logic of the Full MVNO business. The platform allows our customers to build exactly the product they want, fast and easy, sharpening their competitive edge in a competitive market.

With this solution, the only thing our customer had to do was to make a full MVNO agreement with an operator platform and execute their business plan.