iTMS Foundation will get you online quickly with all the basic tools.

The Integration process for a new BSS is generally very lengthy, as new implementations require a vast amount of detailed requirements, decisions, and work. Therefore, we have been asked if it would be possible to create a solution, with no integrations, where you could start within a week or 2 no matter if your business is Mobile, Fiber, VoIP, Content or even Stand-alone products.

This actually made really good sense to us, so based on our proven iTMS BSS solution, we happily accepted the challenge, and iTMS Foundation was born.  

So having a customer with a need to launch his business fast using the iTMS modules; Billing, Products, Automated Business flows, Call-Center and Self-Service, iTMS Foundation was the perfect match. It comes with all the functionalities that normally only is available in high priced BSS’s and with no need for integration.

To make sure the customer was getting a good start, we had made a low-priced start package, where we helped the customer set-up the products, letters/SMS, etc. We also trained them in how to use the system. This solution made it possible for the customer to start for less than 3000 USD in only 10 days, including help to set-up products, prices, etc.