iTMS for Fiber operators.

iTMS has delivered solid and proven solutions for Fiber companies, where the business model is Wholesale, B-2-C or both. With the seamlessly integrated BSS & OSS functionalities in iTMS, our customers use the iTMS on a subscription based SaaS model. Together with our customers we have incorporated hundreds of best practise business flows which reflects the business logic of growing and successful Fiber operators. When it comes to billing, products and prices, our customers appreciate the intuitive way we have built these modules. Our Fiber solution handles millions of end users and transactions every day.

The iTMS Fiber solution can be delivered as a iTMS Foundations SaaS which can be up and running in less than 2 weeks with no integration – or you can have the iTMS Foundation+ which includes individual business flows, integrations and all what you need in your present technical environment, that can be handled by the iTMS modules.