iTMS for Fiber operators.

iTMS has delivered solid and proven solutions for Fiber companies, where the business model is Wholesale, B-2-C or both...

Relevance: Fiber operators

Fiber as a second label solution.

Our experience has shown us, that many well-established fiber-operators create a second brand in order to gain and meet the high competition, that comes...

Relevance: fiber service providers

iTMS Foundation will get you online quickly with all the basic tools.

The Integration process for a new BSS is generally very lengthy, as new implementations require a vast amount of detailed requirements...

Relevance: telecom industry

Upgrade to iTMS Foundation+ when integration is required.

One of our first customers that started out with an iTMS Foundation reached a point of growth that forced them to integrate and digitalise their operation...

Relevance: telecom industry

Our iTMS Full MVNO goes beyond the industry standard.

We got an inquiry from a customer that was looking for a Full MVNO BSS / OSS / Network element platform to improve their margin...

Relevance: BSS / OSS