MVNE/O Wholesale

iTMS Full MVNE/O is our vision of a modern end-to-end MVNE wholesale BSS/OSS platform delivered with unmatched flexibility, supporting all mobile business models and digital platforms. The system includes furthermore data mart for using with AI and Big Data.

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Seamless integrated with Ouroboros Core network platform

With our iTMS BSS/OSS seamless integrated with Ouroboros Core network platform, we are able to bring our capacity for innovation to our customers and right in the center of a potentially enormous growth area in the wholesale market.

Flexible and complete wholesale platform

iTMS gives you a flexible and complete wholesale/MVNE platform that will enable support of all MVNO Business Models, and at the same time making sure that you can innovate at the leading edge ahead of other players in the market, as you can create all your wholesale offering in one platform.

Architecture built to the scale-out principle

This solution offers the iTMS BSS/OSS plus Ouroboros core network elements seamlessly integrated with the core network elements necessary to deliver a full MVNE/O. This places our customers, in the attractive and competitive position of handling the complete value chain from the operator’s towers, to the MVNOs end-users. The platform has been designed to handle millions of end-users, with an architecture that builds on the scale-out principle. Today the Core network platform handles more than 135.000.000 end-users.

  • Supports MVNE, multi brands/MVNO's, multi countries and multi integrations
  • One system, pre-integrated iTMS BSS/OSS and Ouroboros Core Network elements means minimum integration points - less risk and less cost
  • High level of flexibility
  • Multi MVNO billing and MVNE wholesale billing including test billing and functionality
  • Scalable solution
  • Supports digital platforms
  • Data warehouse for big data and AI us
  • Automated business logic, iTMS comes with hundreds of best practice business logic
  • Supports MNO, MVNE, MVNO + VAS
  • Fast launch of new MVNO's
  • Fast launch of new products and services
  • Supports the lifecycle of an MVNO/E - future proof
  • Supports 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, IOT and M2M

The high-level architecture

The complete solution is available on a pay-as-you-grow model or a single purchase and is upgradeable through licenses.

Agnostic core network technology

The iTMS platform includes a seamless integration with Ouroboros, Core Network elements, that today handles + 135 million end-users. All Ouroboros products are built on the top of Ouroboros Advanced Mobile Telecommunication Platform (AMTP for short). The AMTP is a powerful and versatile platform that includes all Signaling protocols stacks, the core engine and all exposed APIs to seamlessly integrate with other vendors equipments and services. AMTP allows carrier-grade services deployment with five to six 9s availability. Thanks to its flexibility, AMTP is embedded into a variety of Ouroboros turn-key solutions, from NSS building blocks such as SMS-C, SCP or EIR to Gateways (USSD-GW, Reverse IM-SFF, etc.) and specific services (IVRs, Probes). It success speaks by itself : AMTP-based solution serves today more than 135 million users over 20 countries, driving the platform to become a worldwide leader in Mobile Communications Infrastructure.

As little as 3 months from start to launch

Because we have prepared the platform and made the pre-installation package, we are able to deliver the project from start to launch in as short time as 3 months. When the platform is ready and tested you will be able to launch new MVNO's in as fast as 1 month, depending on how much customisation the individual MVNO want. A light MVNO can be launched in as short as 2 weeks if you use one of our pre-defined iTMS's.

The business case

Our business model is a pay-as-you-grow with a monthly low minimum fee. We know from experience that our pricing is competitive, and with our fixed integration offer you will know that you have a sound business case on a proven platform before you start the project. That’s how you monetize your Network.

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