Greenfield projects

A greenfield project is often defined as developing a system for a totally new environment, without concern for integrating with other systems, especially not legacy systems. Such projects are deemed as higher risk, as they are often for new infrastructure, new customers, and even new owners.

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Get started quickly and try out a basic version of iTMS

Enhance has identified the need to develop a solution that makes it possible for new potential clients and greenfield projects to get started quickly and try out a basic version of iTMS. The implementation process is generally very lengthy as new implementations require a vast amount of detailed requirements, decisions and work.

iTMS can quickly give you access to manage your operational processes

We are very proud of having developed this unique solution that makes it possible to get started quickly and try out a basic version of our Business Support System - iTMS. This means whether you offer Mobile, Fixed line, VoIP, Internet, Fiber, IPTV, Broadband or other stand-alone products to your end customers.

Supports the delivery of selected modules and services

Since iTMS is a modular platform that supports the delivery of selected modules and services, it can later be expanded as your business grows. So when you have kick-started your business using iTMS Foundation, and you want to make integrations and have customised business flows, etc. then you simply upgrade your iTMS which allows for full flexibility and customisation.

The philosophy behind

The philosophy behind iTMS Foundation is to make it possible to enter the telecom industry with a pre-configured BSS/OSS subscription based, cloud solution. It has no need for network operator integration and therefore ready to use within 2 weeks. We have selected the necessary order flows and processes for the products covered in iTMS Foundation. They are based on best practices and our many years of industry experience iTMS Foundation supports your need for integration with digital platforms, that’s why iTMS Foundation comes with a comprehensive API and web services.

Using the iTMS Foundation web services, you can easily setup your own Self Services and Web-Shop including Payment Gate Way. You can also ask us to do so, as an optional service. iTMS Foundation comes with iTMS billing engine including test billing functionality and payment processes. iTMS Foundation is supported by intuitive online manuals which is always available. You will have 24/7 access to our online helpdesk for questions and support. Your iTMS Foundation is ready to use within 2 weeks from payment. When your business grows, and you need customized flows and integration you enable this by upgrading your license from iTMS Foundation to iTMS.

What's included

Supported products
  • Fiber
  • Internet
  • IPTV
  • VoIP
  • Mobile postpaid
  • Stand alone products
  • Fixed Line telephony
  • Wireless products
Included modules
  • Call center (complete CRM module)
  • Back office
  • Billing module
  • Product and price management
  • Letter module
  • Process flows (standard pre-defined flows)
  • Order management (no provisioning)
  • API for integration
  • Ticket system
  • Invoicing / invoice groups
  • Subscription management
  • Discount management
  • Web-based platform
  • All languages supported
  • Hosted 24/7 solution
  • Postpaid
  • Private, business and residents association
Add on modules
  • Product bundles management
  • Automatic bundle actions
  • CDR rating module and management (iTMS standard CDR format)
  • Advanced ticket type configuration
  • Invoice payments (account receivable)
  • CDR file mediation
  • Advanced order/letter configuration
  • Support for migration
  • Wholesale
  • Zip code management
  • Calendar management
  • White label sign-up
  • White label self-service
  • Reports (7 standard reports)

You can now be online within 2 weeks from €1000/mo.

No integration will be needed,  which means we can have you up and running within 2 weeks. This solution meets the telecom markets need to minimize cost and time. You can start using the pre-defined iTMS Foundation platform from €1000 /month.

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