Fiber operator

iTMS has delivered solid and proven solutions for Fiber companies, no matter if the business model is Wholesale, B-2-C or both. iTMS features integrated BSS & OSS functionalities, and together with our customers we have incorporated hundreds of best practise business flows from growing and successful Fiber operators. When it comes to billing, products and prices, our customers appreciate the intuitive way we have built these modules.

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The billing functionality covers both B-2-C and Wholesale B-2-B

iTMS Fiber is scaleable and handles millions of end users and transactions. The iTMS for Fiber Operators can easily be customized with individual business flows and integrations. We offer you a fixed price for the integration of your business on the platform. The platform allows you to build exactly the product you want, to do it fast and sharpening your competitive edge in a competitive market. Furthermore, you get a very competitive and subscription-based price tag, compared with industry standards.

Necessary and required functionalities, included

Sign-up process
Auto order processing (100% flow controlled)
Order handling
Call center
Billing with test cycle capabilities
Back office management
Letter management
CDR mediation, distribution and rating engine
Data warehouse for reporting
Tickets with work queues
File upload capabilities
Intuitive fraud management
Web service integration

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