Typically, Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE´s) have provided BSS/OSS and network services. But today the market experiences a customer-driven demand for new innovative services, which will be key to wholesale success. These new innovative services should be based on agility, responsiveness, flexibility, and niche specialisms.

With our iTMS Full MVNE/O, you will get a fully operational cloud-based MVNE/O platform where our iTMS BSS/OSS is seamlessly integrated with our Partner Ouroboros Core Network platform. The platform is ready to operate multi branding MVNEs and MVNOs and having the possibility for multi MNO integrations.

The system includes furthermore data mart for using AI and Big Data. This means that we can bring our capacity, for innovation, to you, and right in the center of a potentially enormous growth area in the wholesale market, and we can do it fast.

In this way, you can innovate at the leading edge ahead of other players in the market, as you can create all your wholesale offering in one platform, without facing high implementation costs and lengthy delivery timelines making changes in your legacy systems.

The high-level architecture

The complete solution is available on a pay-as-you-grow model or a single purchase and is upgradeable through licenses.

As little as 3 months from start to launch

Because we have prepared the platform and made the pre-installation package, we can deliver the project from start to launch in a short time as 3 months. When the platform is ready and tested you will be able to launch new MVNO´s in as fast as 1 month, depending on how much customisation the individual MVNO want. A light MVNO can be launched in as short as 2 weeks if you use one of our pre-defined iTMS´s.

Caught interest? Let's talk

We will always start by booking a meeting with you, to get to know you and your business better and make sure you get the right solution.