This means whether you offer Mobile, Fixed line, VoIP, Internet, Fiber, IPTV, Broadband or stand-alone products to your end customers, iTMS Foundation can quickly get you access to manage your operational processes.

From the services and modules you get with iTMS Foundation, you will have the freedom to use our standard order flows and processes, including order management, billing and payment import.

You can also use our API and standard web services to build your website and self-service.

iTMS is delivered with a graphical user interface (GUI) for your call center and back-office personnel. As it is browser-based, there will be no system installations needed. Here you will also get access to many configurable areas so you can roll out new products and services when needed.

You will get access to our online manuals and we deliver a basic configuration package that will help you get started.

With iTMS Foundation, you will get a flexible and affordable solution developed by an experienced business partner.

You are secured to always be at the front of the market trends and can meet the demands of service providers, and create a competitive advantage.

What's included

You can now be online within 2 weeks from €1000/mo.

No integration will be needed, which means we can have you up and running within 2 weeks. This solution meets the telecom markets need to minimize cost and time. You can start using the pre-defined iTMS Foundation platform from €1000 /month.

Caught interest? Let's talk

We will always start by booking a meeting with you, to get to know you and your business better and make sure you get the right solution.