With our iTMS Full MVNE/O, you will get a fully operational cloud-based MVNE/O platform.

All you have to do is make a full MVNO agreement with an operator

We offer you a fixed price for the MNO integration and the integration of your business on the platform. The full MVNO platform allows you to build exactly the product you want, to do it fast and sharpening your competitive edge in a competitive market. You get a very competitive and subscription-based price tag, compared with industry standards.

Core network elements integrated to deliver a full MVNE/O

This places our customers, in the attractive and competitive position of handling the complete value chain from the operator’s towers, to the MVNO's end-users. The platform has been designed to handle millions of end-users, with an architecture that builds on the scale-out principle.

All the necessary and required functionalities are included

Sign-up process, Self-service, Auto order processing (100% flow controlled), Order handling, Call center, Billing with test cycle capabilities, Back office management, Letter management, CDR mediation - distribution and rating engine, Data warehouse for reporting, Tickets with work queues, File upload capabilities, Intuitive fraud management and Web service integration.

Caught interest? Let's talk

We will always start by booking a meeting with you, to get to know you and your business better and make sure you get the right solution.

We made becoming a full MVNO easy with our 3 Full MVNO solutions