Designed to scale-out

The iTMS solution and hardware design are specifically made for scaling out instead of only scaling up, meaning that the solution is ready to manage extremely large volumes of data.

iTMS is also designed to operate in a Cluster environment where physical or logical computers can be added as needed.

Application distribution is resolved by distributing tasks to dedicated servers and waits for the result, which ensures that the execution of for example billing cycles or the running of resource-heavy reports, will not affect rest of the system. This means that we simply add more hardware when there is a need for more capacity.

All you have to do...

Is to make a  Service Provider agreement with a Fiber Operator. We offer you a fixed price for the integration and the integration of your business-logic on the platform. This solution is fully digitalised with a white label homepage and self-service, which includes AI chatbot functionality. Everything is optimised to supports a fast market launch.

Build products exactly as you want them

With this product, you as a Fiber Operator can easily build a Second Brand to activate new customers in their fiber net, who wants a fiber connection for streaming services. The platform allows you to build exactly the product you want, to do it fast and sharpening your competitive edge in a competitive market.

Furthermore, you get a very competitive and subscription-based price tag, compared with industry standards.

All the necessary and required functionalities are included

Sign-up process, Self-service, Auto order processing (100% flow controlled), Order handling, Call center, Billing with test cycle capabilities, Back office management, Letter management, CDR mediation - distribution and rating engine, Data warehouse for reporting, Tickets with work queues, File upload capabilities, Intuitive fraud management and Web service integration.

Caught interest? Let's talk

We will always start by booking a meeting with you, to get to know you and your business better and make sure you get the right solution.

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