iTMS for Internet service providers (ISP) and Micro Operators

As you drive toward 5G, you will need a market-responsive Business Support System (BSS) and customer experience capabilities to open up agile, cloud-based service delivery technology to a wide ecosystem of digital partners. This will create compelling new opportunities, breaking the cycle of the commodification of network capacity and data speed that have plagued the industry for the past decade.

This means you cannot deliver digital transformation on legacy BSS systems that were developed for a different purpose; you will need to re-tool with digital-grade technology.

The next-generation BSS migration involves bringing in new modules to replace, rather than simply enhance, the legacy BSS. The advantage of a next-generation BSS is its ability to support new products and services while still being fully functional and up to date.

iTMS can easily integrate with the legacy components you have now and upgrade your business - one module at the time - so you can concentrate on being a service provider.

5G will require the capability to quickly define, deploy, and adapt new offerings to capture new business opportunities. With iTMS we will provide our partners with tools that can request network capabilities, present configuration options, determine prices, and orchestrate the order.

iTMS prepared to support 5G standards and features like virtualization (NFV) and network slicing while maintaining all of the end-to-end business capabilities.

By modernizing your BSS system, these key aspects of digital transformation come to the fore:

To be an effective innovation partner in the 5G era, you will need BSS functions such as billing, service creation, and catalogue management to be open and agile, and provide opportunities for partners to “plug-and-play”.

Some of the benefits of iTMS:

With iTMS, which is our approach to a modern BSS with endless OSS integration possibilities, you will be moving toward “zero-touch”, which will help remove bottlenecks from carrier-partner relationships and allow new use cases to be explored quickly and efficiently.

When you buy iTMS, you also enter in an important and valuable partnership with us at Enhance Systems. We will work together to set up the iTMS environment with your customized business processes and we will continue to collaborate as new services are launched, new bundles are created, and as new needs arise.

And the good thing about it is, you will not depend on us for every change or customization, you will have complete independence and control.

Use case

As an ISP your requirements to what your Business Support System should support might include the following:

And as a Micro operator your requirements might look like this:

With iTMS BSS supporting all the above and 5G standards and features like retail and wholesale billing, network slicing, while maintaining all the end-to-end business capabilities, you will get a fully operational cloud-based platform. In this way, you can innovate at the leading edge ahead of other players in the market, as you can create all your offerings in one platform.

*Micro operators can build and operate indoor small cell communication infrastructure and offer local context-related services and content to serve various vertical sectors' specific needs complementing traditional mobile broadband offerings.

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