OSS modules that assists your company with daily operations

The Operation Support System (OSS) modules can be identified as functionalities that will assist your company with the daily operations. Combined with the BSS modules you have the foundation for real-time interaction supporting digital platforms.


‍iTMS Product catalogue manages all product and service offerings in an easy-to-access format. It is a web-based application that enables rapid introduction of new products, prices, and discounts. With the iTMS catalogue companies are able to handle high volume sale of products for various partners. Moreover, the can iTMS easily handle individual discounts on products for a specific customer. 

Within the product catalogue module, the user will find the following functions:


iTMS supports most integration processing formats. All integration formats and processes are provided specifically and will be implemented on a time and material basis. Enhance Systems have implemented many different integrations for our clients. In the solutions section, we have selected some of our use cases where various solutions and elements have been operationalised successfully.


iTMS provisioning service supports service towards network operators and external partners. Within the workflow, it can be provided as an automated process with direct integration to different operators and network elements.