OCS module

Real-time rating

The iTMS OCS Module handles online charging and control of data, voice and messaging services for mobile networks. It is flexible enough to manage the same product catalog and the same subscribers against several types, generations, and vendors of network elements - simultaneously.

Manage simultaneously.

The iTMS OCS Module is an independent software module that runs on its own servers and its own operating system (Linux). Its technical design is modern and assures high performance, low response times and high reliability. The OCS module is integrated with iTMS BSS through the provisioning and mediation interfaces so that all business operation and configuration take place via iTMS user interfaces.

The products, subscriptions, account settings, payments and invoices that govern the real-time OCS interfaces are managed from iTMS.

However, the iTMS OCS module can also be integrated with other BSS systems.


The iTMS OCS module is a tested and scalable 3GPP compatible OCS solution. Since 2013, it has successfully served as the real-time rating and charging function in challenging environments of several MNOs and MVNOs. The iTMS OCS module can act as an integrated OCS, PCRF and AAA using the same converged subscriber database and product catalog to govern the network. It can also be integrated to external PCRF and AAA servers.

Network protocols and services.

Our iTMS OCS module uses standard 3GPP as well as variants of this one (eg Huawei and ZTE). Further supports the different bandwidth requirements through various networks like LTE, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, CDMA 2.5G, 3G, IMS, Broadband, etc.

Support for Gxx/Gx/Sd, Gy/Ro, Rx, S9, Sy and Sp (Diameter / RADIUS both standard and vendor specific.)

Supports several important features that scale the capabilities and decrease the signaling overhead on the network.

1. Dynamic chunk size


Online charging of data and other services entails authorization of usage one chunk at the time. Traditionally an operator would need to choose 1 chunk size for usage authorization of any data usage (for example data authorized for each 1 MB of usage). The iTMS OCS Module supports dynamic chunk size which reduces the signaling overhead by magnitudes – but still provides granular accounting and control as required.


2. Convergent session logic


Traditional OCS solutions tend to suffer from compartmentalized logic where the information from one signaling interface cannot be used for logical decisions on another signaling interface. The high-performance session repository and session logic of the iTMS OCS Module makes it possible to control the service on one interface based on information from another interface. For example, the data usage of a mobile subscriber can be priced and charged on the 3GPP Gy interface based on location information for the same subscriber known from the 3GPP Gx interface.

Real-time rating balance.

iTMS OCS can control and configure various kinds of balances such as amount, time, volume and events for each subscription which are being accepted or rejected based on the status of the balance. We also support handling of balances, voice, data, SMS etc. in real-time. iTMS OCS offers individual control of events, which must take place when the balance is used or about to be used. Different currencies types and VAT types are fully supported.

Other standard features.

All kind of API for fraud handling, locations updates, accounts status, TopUp, voucher, other etc.

Wholesale support.

An iTMS partner database can consist of one or more wholesales, e.g. brands. When a new end-user is acquired, it must be associated to one of the wholesales and upon creation in iTMS; the end-user will be given a unique iTMS Customer id. The unique customer id is in iTMS terms called the “main customer” and can be considered as the legal contract between the partner/wholesales and the end-user.

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