February 27, 2018

Our new product management module

Meet the iTMS Product Management Module that takes you back in the driver's seat

We are a Danish telecommunication system house having developed and delivered our iTMS BSS/OSS platform for MVNE/MVNO´s for more than a decade.


We are proud to present the iTMS Product Management Module, which manages all product and service offerings in an easy-to-access format. In today’s competitive market, it is more important than ever, that you are able to manage the configuration of new products and services in order to achieve a fast time-to-market path.


To honor that and voiced by our clients, we have made great improvements to the iTMS Product Module, making sure that new product offerings can easily be configured by using our intuitive GUI menus, reducing the need to request assistance from our dedicated Helpdesk personnel. The iTMS Product Management Module, which is one of the many seamless integrated modules, in our web-based iTMS application enables rapid introduction of new products, pricing and discounting through all standard browsers.


All products in the database can be sold and invoiced through the iTMS-billing Module.


All information concerning the product can be displayed in the iTMS GUI and extracted through the standard web service methods for presentation on home pages, self-care portals and other external systems.

You no longer have to just imagine this, enhance your possibilities now, by using our proven iTMS BSS/OSS system

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