January 17, 2018

Over the air change of MNO on your SIM

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We are a Danish telecommunication system house having developed and delivered our iTMS BSS/OSS platform for MVNE/MVNO´s for more than a decade. We are continuously investing in our platform, giving us the ability to offer telco grade cloud solutions to our clients. Overall, the aim of Enhance is to help businesses grow by supplying plug and play solutions, which are easy to use, at a competitive price and within project timelines.


In our cloud BSS/OSS platform, we can enable your SIM-cards to change operator over the air (OTA), from the one you have, to a new one. Based on industry statistics the churn rate is expected to be 20-30 % if you ask your customers to make a physical SIM-card exchange. This means that if you want to change network operator for instance relating to a merger, acquisition or sale, this will no longer be an issue. This will improve the value of your customer stock.


Furthermore, just imagine that you can approach all operators you want and ask for a wholesale contract if you bring your total customer stock to that operator’s network. This will increase the possibility of improving your EBITDA.


You no longer have to just imagining this, enhance your possibilities now, by using our proven iTMS BSS/OSS system.

You want us to prove it to you free of charge?

Please let us. The only thing you must do is to send us 5 of your SIM-cards. Beside that we will need a few more details as MSISDN, KIC, KID. Don’t worry, after you have contacted us, we will send you an email and explain better what we need from you, for us to check your SIM-cards.

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