The summer holidays are nearly upon us, but here at Enhance Systems we continue to work through our development roadmap for the year, making sure all the existing new features and improvements can be rolled out to our iTMS clients according to schedule.

The second iTMS Core release this year includes a new Trouble Ticket feature as well as further improvements to product catalogue configuration areas. We have also fixed bugs reported to us since the last release, to make sure the users can continue with their daily tasks without interruptions.


New features


• After the extensive revamp to the iTMS Trouble Tickets last year, we have now also added the facility to send selected Trouble Ticket notes to the end-customer by email. In addition, we have introduced the possibility for iTMS users to subscribe to and get email updates for Trouble Tickets they work on.


• As requested by one of our clients, we have made it possible to automatically expire a subscriptions discount by defining a number of months before expiration on a product within the discount group.




• Letters that contain dates are now automatically formatted based on either the customer’s or wholesale’s culture code settings, securing that the date formats are correctly shown in all letters, emails and SMS’s triggered by the implemented processes in iTMS.


• We have made the Sales text field in products configuration GUI mandatory, since this is the product and service name used in the API and letter merge fields. This way there will no longer be any blank data returned.


• Within product package configuration we have added intuitive restrictions to the GUI to indicate what hierarchal package combinations are allowed. This additional check will prevent any future configuration errors.


• Since product validation rules are so important to the iTMS users managing service changes, signup and subscription moves, we continued investigating different solutions after the last release and found an even better way to use the selection boxes in ‘radio button style’ for max one scenarios.




• There was a bug preventing superfluous main products to be deleted if the product package had been deleted, but this is now fixed. There is of course still the validation in place preventing users from deleting main products that are in use.


• The iTMS GUI password expiration feature that was introduced last year was in some instances causing a memory leak, so we fixed the logic and it now works as it should.


• Making multiple simultaneous service changes for a customer on different subscriptions was causing some view issues, but after the fix this is now possible again.


The next release will be scheduled during the autumn, as we have some big and exciting new features being prepared this summer! As always, our focus is to listen to our clients and address and resolve your challenges, so if you have any feedback or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us on


Katarina Almlöf

Project Manager/Product Owner

iTMS Core release notes 6.5

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