A new year is here and we are thrilled to continue delivering an outstanding Business Support System in 2018, by rolling out new features and improvements from our development road-map.


In this first iTMS Core release of the year, we have added some exciting solutions to make the launch of new products and services even faster and easier. We have also fixed bugs reported to us since the last release, to make sure the users can continue with their daily tasks without interruptions.


New features


• Product configuration users will be particularly happy with this release as we have now made it possible to clone product packages, with the automatic creation of a new product and all the connections and relations cloned from a similar package! For the creation of new extensive product packages, your workload is new reduced to a matter of minutes, and you are ready to launch the products and services to your end users.


• To speed up the navigation to the Customer details view from order and trouble ticket queues, we have added hyperlinks to the Customer Id’s in these areas.


• We continue to improve and automate our application monitoring and in this release we have added more Heartbeats for services such as the API and Payments.




• The Consumption view in Customer details has been given a full makeover in this release, where users can analyse users CDR data from iTMS. The view has been split to an unbilled and a billed area with in-grid search fields and an ‘Export to Excel’ feature.


• We have made it easier for the user to see which products in a package are missing connection parameters, so that the product packages can quickly be completed and ready for launch.


• The product validation rule indicators for users working with Signup, Service changes and Move subscription functions have been visibly improved and now clearly marks products within configured rules to help the user select/deselect the right products.


• It is now possible to move a subscription to a different customer type and at the same time select customer type specific products to be created when the subscription is moved.




• We fixed a problem where some views didn’t support multiple new/edit tabs being opened and updated simultaneously.


• In the product package selection grid, we discovered that deleted products were not filtered out in the view, but this is now fixed so that only active products are displayed.


• A minor but annoying bug in one of the letter merge field views where the text font was reformatted after print has also been fixed in this release.


The development for next release is already underway and will be available before the summer holidays.

As always, our focus is to listen to our clients and address and resolve your challenges, so if you have any feedback or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us on se@enhance-systems.com.


Katarina Almlöf

Project Manager/Product Owner

iTMS Core release notes 6.4

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