August 1, 2018

Bridge between BSS & OSS

Bridging the OSS and BSS using iTMS

Todays Networked Society with increasing mobility, cloud computing, and mobile broadband as the main catalysts are radically changing the competitive market for the telecommunication business.


To be successful in this market landscape, it is vital that telco providers are able to bridge the gap between the business needs, the operational processes, and the OSS/BSS capabilities.


iTMS has always been customer oriented as opposed to many other OSS/BSS systems which are more technology oriented, with the OSS and BSS  often being individual components. In iTMS, the OSS and BSS part is seamlessly integrated to a uniform platform supporting the need for fast time-to-market of new services.


iTMS is a modular platform with a service-oriented architecture (SOA), making it possible for us to offer operators and other telco providers with large legacy systems to use iTMS as a bridge between the OSS and the BSS. As such we are able to manage the need for real-time interaction between users, partners, the network and OSS/BSS.

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