Our story

We have been in the telecom business since 1995

Enhance Systems is the new name for Capernow. We have been in the telecom business since 1995, and we delivered our product iTMS to one of the first MVNO´s in the world. This extensive business experience, gained during our many years in the telecommunication industry, is now available for new and existing customers who want to explore new business concepts, or how to enhance their existing business. We operate in a challenging and dynamic market, and that is why we strive to simplify the complicated in order to enhance your business.

Who we are

The long, and short of it.

Enhance creates the optimal service for our customers, and ensure that we are always on the lookout for new solutions and new ways of doing things. We strive to recruit and retain employees on the basis of both their professional and personal qualifications, and ensure that we are always able to provide the best team possible. As a team, we also focus on areas other than the strictly professional, with team building activities, exercise, social events and a contemporary art collection on the walls. We want to inspire and optimize our creativity and day-to-day work.


Combining history with the future.

Our headquarters is situated in the old part of Copenhagen. In a 250-year-old beautiful renovated building Enhance Systems combines history with the future, business with creativity, progress with development and the professional with the personal. Around Enhance you will find a number of trusted partners, with offices in 9 countries and a significant number of certified developers.

Selected clients

Who we work with.


One of the world’s leading enablers of digital services, Telenabler provides best in class products across a worldwide network. Telenabler has become one of Europe’s emerging mobile providers focusing on mobile services, including voice, SMS and broadband capabilities.


Waoo was established in 2010 as a brand, delivering content to FTTH companies owned by the 11 largest utility companies in Denmark, using the iTMS platform.


iTMS workflow engine for the entire business logic of TDC Mobile also using, iTMS order management, Back Office and Provisioning agent – for enterprise and private customers.

Open Fiber

Open Fiber in Italy is one of Europe’s most ambitious projects with its plan to provide very high-speed fibre coverage to approximately 9.5 million homes in the 2016-2021 period. The first cities in operation are Bari, Cagliari, Catania, Florence, Genoa, Naples, Padua, Palermo, Perugia and Venice.


Sharing resources.


Seavus is a company that cares and constantly develops, builds and invests in its employees’ knowledge, courage, imagination and responsibility. A company with employees which are bound by their commitment and trust and will achieve more and better than the company goals. It is a company of leaders.


Worth mentioning.

UNISYS Germany

With Unisys, we have worked on a large FTTH project in the utility sector.

Hewlet Packard Europe

With HP we have worked on two large projects.

Hewlet Packard Europe

We have worked on a major integration in TDC Mobile

(TDC has their own internal system integration company)

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