August 1, 2018

A major upgrade, inside and out

Not just a regular update

We regularly update our website, but this time we have undergone a major upgrade. We are constantly trying to improve your experience.

Content of the update

Technical modifications


Re-designed menu:

- Resources page link added

- Search functionality added

- New design


Re-designed footer:

- Submenu added

- New design



Page modifications & updates:


(Updated) Frontpage

(Updated) Product

(Updated) Solutions

(Updated) Highlights

(NEW) Resources

(Updated) About

(Updated) Contact

(Updated) Newsroom

(NEW) Sitemap

(NEW) Partners login

(NEW) Book Meeting

(NEW) ITMS login

(NEW) Careers

(NEW) Culture:

(Updated) Privacy Policy

(Updated) Legal

(Updated) Cookies

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